Comprehensive integrated software specially designed and built for institutions focused on achieving thrifty functional and operational procedure. The application modules, proves beneficial to achieve the operational and functional efficiencies, monitoring and optimizing the management processes & operations and enhancing co-ordination across the various departments in an educational institute.


A web based system used to track, manage and store documents eliminating paper completely. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking). The successful implementation of an electronic document management system begins with a detailed understanding of specific challenges and requirements of your organization.


VHRIS is an intuitive and easy to use Open Source Human Resource Management Software. Designed for flexibility, VHRIS is suitable for all organizations irrespective of their size. VHRIS ideally provides features like Employee Self-Service, Leave Management, Resource Requisition, Expenses, Appraisals, Analytics and much more. Being highly configurable and customizable, VHRIS reflects the unique workflow and processes of your organization. Thus, increasing efficiency of your organization and subsequently integrating and aligning the efforts of HR with the rest of the organization.


Real Estate Management system (REMS) is a sophisticated property information management system, acting as hub of leases equips you to manage your leases and financial information with up-to-the-minute processing and billing capabilities. With full reporting capabilities, you always have complete visibility of your lease portfolio. You can access and work with property and tenant information at the level of detail that you need, which gives you the power to increase the return on your investment. We act on your behalf to provide on-the-go accessible and accurate lease data.